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They are located in CANADA and when ordering they only tell you it is internationally shipped... of course from CANADA to the USA is internationally ....

but yet I'm waiting 2 weeks already . . I call them and they tell me it is coming from the UK. I tell them I want a return label and they said there is nothing wrong and will not return the product.

They took the money out of my account right away, OF COURSE THEY DID and I'm sitting here 3 weeks in still waiting. I told them I want my money put back into my account ASAP now I have to get my bank involved with that SCAM ARTIST COMPANY.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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Go to The Ripoff Report and file a report. You WILL get results and they will probably cough up your money in a hurry.

Dana Point, California, United States #945896

Actually best company I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with in regards to meds that would require a prescription in the Communist nation of USA.


I have ordered from this company with no problems. I'm sure you received your order.

Why didn't you do a follow up comment? You seem to have a ready, FIRE, aim attitude!

Houston, Texas, United States #790414

If you want the meds fast then go to your vet, pay for an office visit, and then pay really high prices, sometimes 4 times higher than you will pay on this canadian company. There is a reason it costs less- they are shipping from across the pond.


I live in south Alabama (U.S.) and it takes about a month for my order to reach me. I've been buying from them for over 2 years now, back when they were USA Pet Express.

Yes, the meds are shipped from the U.K.

They wouldn't refund your money because your package was on its way to you!! People like you, darlenepagano, ruin good things for the rest of us.

to Loyal ***sumer #966128

I've ordered from them also "USA Pet Express" and yes they are just as bad. No wonder south Alabama. "OK" LOL

Chicago, Illinois, United States #767403

Oh, and another thing, I purchased a year supply of heartworm medication from world pet express yesterday and after i placed my order (online), this is what the site says (listed below), so obviously, it takes awhile to receive your order. the first time i purchased from this company, i was also concerned about the long wait and i emailed the company and they were super nice to me and answered my questions and sure enough, i received my order soon thereafter. and i DO NOT work for this company or are affiliated with world pet express at all!

Important Reminder: Please allow 2-3 business days for your order to be processed. Once shipped, delivery to most locations in the U.S. takes between 7 and 12 business days depending on the location. Shipments bound for remote or rural areas may take a few days longer to reach its destination. In the rare event that your shipment time exceeds this delivery standard, please contact us at customerservice@worldpetexpress.com or call us toll free at 1-888-798-9128.

You can view your order history by going to the My Account page and by clicking on History.

Please direct any questions you have to the store owner.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #767394

i have purchased from this company for about 3 years now, several times a year. i live in illinois (usa).

they are NOT a scam company or business. does it take awhile to receive your product cause they are shipping it from out of the country? YES! Thats why I always order my dog flea and heartworm meds from world pet express a month or two in advance so I don't have to worry about the long ship wait.

after the long wait though, the products are great and i've had no problem at all with this company. i have two pitbulls, a male and female, and i purchase all my flea and heartworm meds from world pet express.

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