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This company is dangerous, 100% scam. I purchased Sentinel on this website recently, but after seeing these bad reviews, I called the "customer service" to cancel it.

They said they would cancel, but after a week or two they sent me Program Plus which is not Sentinel. Today, I just checked my bank account and noticed that someone took about 2000 dollars using my debit card(for COACH, etc). What a nightmare! I immediately called my bank to investigate.

Seriously, we need to eliminate this *** website. Some positive comments written here are done by someone from this company.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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Same thing happened to my son, only we haven't even received our product. His bank account had numerous fraudulent charge after ordering from this company.

It has been nearly a month since ordering. Called 16 days ago to inquire about where our stuff was, got some lame excuse and was told it would be shipped immediately with a rush put on it.

Still no package, bank account wiped out as soon as a deposit was made. *** company.

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